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Questions Heading Into Selection Sunday

Posted by 49ways on March 8, 2012

I’m getting antsy.  Sawdog and I have probably sent an average of 20 texts per day  in the past two weeks.  We’re upon the greatest time of the year, my friends, and I’ve got some questions for my partner.

1. Is the NCAA Tournament the greatest annual sports spectacle in the United States?

I would put the first two days of the NCAA Tournament up against anything this country has to offer–Superbowl included. I have screamed with friends all along my dormitory hallway watching Bryce Drew’s shot go down in 1998 (we may or may not have been skipping class…). I have gone bezerk by myself watching Northern Iowa stunningly take down top seed Kansas in 2010. And how about this shot from the parking lot??!  Everything about every game in the first round of the NCAA Tourament is what is right about sports.  Sprinkle in announcer Gus Johnson and there’s nothing better!

2. Should Selection Sunday be a national holiday?

It’s a Sunday, so we really don’t have to worry about it from a work standpoint.  But I’m ready to picket the Capital if you’re organizing!

3. How much credit should we really give Joe Lunardi?

I’m cool with Joe.  He has a high success rate of correctly identifying the at-large teams.  I disagree with him sometimes but as the guy who popularized “Bracketology” I’m not gonna hate.

4. Which is the best team on the West Coast?

The Pac-10 or 12 or whatever it is these days is just horrible.  I don’t know what happened out there.  I’m gonna give the nod to Saint Mary’s over San Diego State.  I like what they did in fighting hard for that win over Gonzaga the other night.

5. Outside of Duke-North Carolina, what schools represent the best college basketball rivarly?

Speaking of, Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s are forming quite the budding rivalry.  It may not have the history of a Syracuse-Georgetown or Kentucky-Indiana, but those two have met in the finals four straight years in their conference tournament and they sure do trade punches.  I like that they play clean basketball…not a lot of sloppy moments but gritty tough play fighting hard.  Kentucky and Louisville come to mind, but there’s some truth to not playing in the same conference taking a little bit away from the meaning of the game.

6. Predict the four #1 and #2 seeds.

1.  Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, North Carolina

2. Ohio State, Duke, Michigan State, Missouri

I would be shocked if this is not the case.

7. Off the top of your head, which non-traditional power conference school(s) has (have) the best chance to make the Sweet 16?

I immediately thought of UNLV because they beat North Carolina and they have Mike Moser.  But I would have to see the bracket to feel good about this!

8. Which PG would you rather have?  8.5 pts/gm, 7.5 asts/gm, 2.5 TO/gm, 30% 3fg…. OR 20.0 pts/gm, 3.4 asts/gm, 3.9 TO/gm, 43% 3fg

Give me the first guy.  3:1 assist to turnover ratio?  I’ll take it.  Just make the right decisions, get everyone involved and do your job down the stretch.  (Who is it by the way??!)

9. Which team do you NOT want Kentucky to face in the second or third round of the tournament?

A lot of folks are speculating UConn could end up with an 8 or 9 seed, which could put them against #1 seed Kentucky in Round 2.  Despite the Huskies elite talent, my gut doesn’t fear this matchup.  I think Kentucky is focused and will rise to a challenge with the Huskies.  (Ask me if 2 minutes before tipoff and I’ll be pooping my pants).  Honestly, I want to face anyone.  Let’s do this.

10. Can and will Ben Howland right the ship at UCLA?

He’s going to be under the microscope big time.  Man, it will be tough to fight through all the accusations and see the green pastures on the other side.  The good news is that UCLA seems to average 100 fans per game, and the AD loves Howland, so hey, sure.  He’ll make it!


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